Preferred Member


One monthly charge automatically debited on the first of each month.

Monthly memberships include:

  • Unlimited daycare per month
  • 10% OFF of ALL other services (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • One full service bath per month (additional grooming services may be added on at 10% off regular prices)
  • 1 free nail trim per month

Preferred Customer Membership

Have you ever wanted to have your pup groomed only to find there were no openings available when you needed them? That need never happen again when you take advantage of our preferred customer membership program!

Taking care of your grooming needs every month without breaking your bank is a top priority for us. Don’t get us wrong…we’d be happy to charge you full fare every time you come in, but we’d rather save you some cash and see you more often. To do that, we have created a membership plan that best’ meets your needs. For a monthly fee, you can choose one of three packages.

Pampered Pet membership

Includes haircut, bath, manicure, paw-dicure twice monthly, one set of soft dog nail covering, one blueberry facial, free holiday photo of your choice 15% off daycare packages and Training packages.
Most Importantly: Priority Holiday Booking!

Price varies based on breed

Classy Canine membership

Includes haircut, bath with blueberry facial once monthly. 10% discount on daycare packages and training packages.

Price varies based on breed

Fresh and Clean Membership

Includes haircut, bath, paw-dicure and %50 off any photography package of your choice.

Price varies based on breed

All Membership Packages Will Contribute To Our Give Back Program!
A percentage of each membership will be donated to rescuing an animal for our emotional support training program. Once trained the animal will be placed in a home with some one suffering with PTSD. With the help of our charitable partners we hope to help any person and animal that is suffering to feel safe. All monies collected will go towards pet deposits (when needed), training, ESA vest, pet chipping and vaccinations.

Please inquire about pricing during your visit

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