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Cat grooming at its finest!

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Pamper your Kitty with Personal Care and Style!

Wondering where to get your cat groomed? Experience the best cat grooming Plano has to offer. Hound Therapy is well known for its legendary pet grooming services. Your feline friends are welcome to enjoy a level of luxury cat grooming services that will leave all the other cats on your block green with envy.

Our team of highly skilled dog and cat groomers uses hand scissoring techniques to create show-quality cuts. Opt-in for a cat bath and get the full range of grooming services to maintain the health and safety of your cats. Couple this with our legendary customer service and passion for animals and we guarantee you an experience that you will come back for time and time again.

Treat your kitty to a day at the spa!

We believe that every cat deserves a little pampering and to be treated like royalty. The results of our services speak for themselves. Treat your fur baby to one of our full-service cat grooming Plano packages.

Stop searching “vets that groom cats near me!” We are specialists in pet grooming for cats and no one does lion cuts for cats like us. Plus we charge less!

Your mouser will enjoy all the luxuries of a bath and brush as well as a haircut from our award-winning cat groomers. Your cat will look and feel healthier and happier after a spa day with us!

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Our signature bath and brush will leave
your mouser looking luxurious

A bath and brush will see that your cat’s hair is detangled and brushed out. Watch their stress melt away with a relaxing massage bath, followed by their ears cleaned, nails clipped, and their anal glands expressed (if needed). We top off the service with a natural cologne and your choice of a bandana or a bow for their neck.
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We custom tailor our packages to suit your needs

Do you have a specific look or style you want for your cat? No problem. We always make time for a short consultation with every one of our clients. This gives us a chance to learn about you and your cat and any custom needs you want to be addressed.

Our full cat grooming package is priced as follows:

*Our feline friends are groomed during the week only. No cat grooming on weekends currently, contact us for more information if you have any questions.*

Service Price
Full-Service Grooming $130+
Bath and Brush $110+

We welcome elderly, disabled, and special needs cats

We’ve been in this business a long time and there’s no situation we haven’t seen at least a few times. If you have a pet that requires special attention, we are the perfect fit for you. We go above and beyond what most groomers can do to gain your cat’s trust and help them feel comfortable. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you might have.

**Any prescribed shampoos must be accompanied by written instructions from your veterinarian.

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