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Dogs are easy creatures to please. A treat, a walk, or just a snuggle brings them enough joy to make us all a bit jealous. Imagine their bliss at spending the day with other dogs and our staff at Hound Therapy’s puppy dog daycare in Plano! Your dog will enjoy playing and snuggling with friends, all while you work guilt-free.

Our staff is with your dog during their entire stay, ensuring safety, play, and happiness among all our pups. You can also explore other services we provide such as dog grooming or dog training sessions.

Our Doggy Daycare Services

By choosing Hound Therapy, you leave your dog in very capable hands. We prioritize fun, safety, and stimulation while your dog is with us, making sure your dog leaves happy and excited to come back.

Your dog will spend a full day with us (8 hours) or a half-day (4 hours) in the morning or the afternoon. The choice is up to you! We also offer day passes and monthly memberships for the best dog daycare Plano offers.

Regular Day Care Prices 1 Dog 2 Dog
Full day of fun (8 hours) $26.00 $46.00
½ Day of fun (ANY 4 hours, morning or afternoon) $19 $32
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While your dog is with us, they’ll enjoy meeting new dog friends and human friends. Your dog will be both mentally and physically stimulated, rather than kept to a crate during your workday. There are plenty of opportunities for making friends, exercising, and having an all-around great time. We pride ourselves on returning your dog happy and ready for snuggles after their fun day. With everything your dog can do, see, sniff, and enjoy at Hound Therapy, you’re sure to receive your dog as happy as promised.

We also have day passes that can be used anytime.

Daycare Package (each pass is good for an 8-hour visit) 1 Dog 2 Dog
5 Day Package $105.00 $190.00
10 Day Package $210.00 $360.00
20 Day Package $440.00 $680.00
Monthly Membership $500.00 $875.00

A home away from home

Hound Therapy is the place for you and your dog. Consider us your dog’s home away from home. Our staff is with your dog for their entire stay, keeping an eye on your dog’s happiness and safety. You can be assured that every moment your dog spends in our daycare is risk-free and insanely fun.

By having our staff constantly present, your dog also gets a chance to play games like fetch and other human-ran games. Interacting with our staff is great for improving listening and obedience in each dog that stays with us. And of course, your dog will have a whole gaggle of other dogs to play and interact with. This combination of human and dog friends creates a blissful experience for your dog., one they’ll be excited to return to time and time again.

Your dog will also enjoy the routine we provide in our Plano dog daycare services. Just like we humans love a steady routine, so do our pets-especially when doggy daycare is so fun. Coming to Hound Therapy will be one of the best parts of your dog’s day, week after week. Year after year! And all the while you’ll know that they are being loved and cared for, leaving you completely guilt and worry-free.

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At-Home Benefits Of Dog Daycare

Life can get busy fast and stay busy for longer than we’d ever expected. Work and tasks can quickly scoop away time, leaving us worrying about our dogs while we’re away. You may work long hours away from home, or have a couple of days a week where you need to be at the office for a few extra hours. In any case, dog daycare is an exceptional way to gain peace of mind while you’re gone. That peace will likely pale in comparison to how your dog will feel; they’ll scarcely be able to contain their excitement coming to Hound Therapy.

Dog daycare benefits stretch past the time your dog spends with us. Boredom can quickly drive your dog to adopt some naughty behaviors, like chewing or barking. Keeping them occupied and stimulated at daycare removes this potential problem. Gone are the days of returning from a long day to a chewed-up couch or finding your favorite shoes in shreds. Dog daycare is also perfect for entertaining boredom-barkers.

Book Your Dog’s Daycare Now

Bringing your dog to Hound Therapy gives you priceless peace of mind and your dog hours of joy. The enjoyment is mutual! And with our fun and safe daycare, your dog will be excited to return day after day. Your dog doesn’t need to be a social butterfly to enjoy its stay, either. Every dog finds something to love here, whether that’s playing with our staff, exercising to their heart’s content, or just observing all the action. Book now to start the fun!

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