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Best Professional Real-World Training for Dog Grooming Certification in Dallas

Do you have a passion for animals and dream of caring for and working with them every day? Are you looking to start your own dog grooming business and make a living doing something that you love?

You have come to the right place. Hound Therapy’s Dog Grooming School provides a comprehensive hands-on academy-style training program that prepares you for a successful career in various areas of the dog grooming industry.

Learn every aspect of starting a dog grooming business from one of the best dog grooming schools in Dallas. Our pet grooming certification curriculum is broken into segments for those who want to learn each piece of the business to guarantee a successful start on your own.

Each pet grooming class is designed to give you a one-of-a-kind experience that teaches you everything there is to know about the dog grooming business, from the basics of handling and bathing to the more detailed skills required to groom dogs professionally.

To start a new career in this rewarding field, all you need is your love for animals and hands-on training from the grooming veterans at our school. The program curriculum involves a combination of lectures, video tutorials, instructor demonstrations, homework, and hands-on practice.

Program Curriculum

Dog Grooming Basics:

At the Hound Therapy Academy for Dog Grooming, we start with the basics. This includes learning how to get along with different breeds, understanding their specific needs, and being able to list and explain the details of each pet grooming service. Our dog grooming school covers the basic language of grooming, from what words and phrases to use during an appointment to the many terms associated with dog grooming. We discuss the duties of groomers, such as bathing, brushing, and trimming coats, as well as conducting inspections and other health checks.

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Dog bathing and washing:

Imagine the satisfaction of knowing how to give a dog a luxurious bath and have it come out looking like a new pup. From shampooing, conditioning, and drying to scrubbing nails and cleaning ears. The Hound Academy Dog Grooming School teaches you the essential steps to safely and effectively bathe and dry dogs of all sizes.

We teach hands-on bathing techniques and the equipment needed, such as hoses, basins, and towels. You will gain an in-depth understanding of different shampoos and conditioners, learn how to perform flea and tick treatments, spot potential signs of skin problems, and more. What elevates our dog grooming school to a new level is the real-world situations you will find yourself in. We show you how to deal with every problem that is bound to arise.

Clipper work:

Next up is mastering clipper work. This is the art of using clippers to shape and enhance a dog’s coat. Our trainers guide you through clipper sizes, blades, and speed settings, as well as the different patterns used by breed. We will show you how to properly use clippers to achieve the desired result, from trimming the face and paws to giving a puppy its first haircut.

Scissor work detailing:

This course focuses on the detailed and intricate scissor work that can be used to create an elegant and unique look for each dog. You may have seen this kind of work on Instagram or Pinterest pages, and here you get to learn the skills firsthand. You can achieve perfect lines and curves for each breed, such as styling a Poodle or giving a Schnauzer a traditional look.

Advanced Grooming:

For those who want to take their grooming skills to the next level, this advanced course covers techniques used for a variety of breeds and situations. We discuss breed-specific styling, such as giving a Bichon Frise its signature teddy bear look, as well as more challenging procedures, such as trimming matted fur and dealing with temperamental dogs.

Health / Safety:

The health and safety of our students, clients, and dogs are of the utmost importance. We cover essential topics such as proper handling and control, first aid, and sanitation of tools. Our trainers demonstrate how to properly restrain a dog for grooming, handle aggressive animals, and administer basic first aid in case of an emergency. We also talk about the importance of keeping the grooming area clean and disinfecting tools often to prevent the spread of disease.

Starting and Building a Business:

A successful grooming dog business goes beyond just being a great groomer. Our course is rounded out with a module on setting up and running a successful grooming business. This isn’t your “learn how to be a dog groomer” course that takes 15 days to complete. This is incredibly detailed and designed to get you up and running a dog grooming business from DAY ONE on your own. Our dog grooming academy involves the following:

  • Legal considerations in setting up a business
  • Create a professional work environment
  • Customer service and client relationships
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Insurance, taxes, banking, and bookkeeping
  • Managing your time and resources
  • Bidding on bids/contracts
  • Best practices and ethics in the industry
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This course provides training in a variety of grooming topics while also teaching you the skills and knowledge needed to begin a paid career working within pet grooming centers such as grooming salons, animal hospitals, kennels and veterinary clinics, and pet stores. With the help of our experienced trainers, you can become a certified dog groomer and start your own business, or work for an existing company.
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Goal Of The Program

The goal of this program is to equip you with the experience and knowledge needed to groom 6-8 dogs a day, confidently handle all breeds safely and efficiently, and prepare you to start your own business. Our program is a full-day hands-on grooming academy that breaks down the steps of running a pet-grooming business into smaller building blocks. The students who complete this course will:

  • Understand the basics of all breeds’ grooming
  • Learn how to bathe, dry, and groom dogs safely
  • Develop the confidence to handle all breeds of dogs safely.
  • Learn advanced techniques of styling, scissoring, and trimming.
  • Gain experience in running their own pet-grooming business.
  • Receive guidance on all aspects of pet grooming
  • Acquire resources to help them succeed in the industry.

Why Choose Our Dog Grooming School?

Our experienced and veteran instructors are recognized as International Certified Master Groomers dedicated to mentoring, guiding, and educating our students. We customize each program and curriculum to suit the needs of each individual student as they pursue their desired career path in Pet Grooming.

Shannon Griffin is the lead instructor and owner of Hound Therapy. She has been the ISCC champion for dog grooming and was a former hair stylist (for humans!). Hound Therapy has been in business for 5 years and is already busier than most grooming shops in the DFW. You will learn some of the BEST tips and insights on how to be a successful pet groomer in her all-encompassing dog grooming school.

From enrolment to certification, our enrollees will be confident in their career prospects. Our comprehensive certification program offers training in the critical, technical, and managerial skills needed to become a successful professional pet bather, salon manager or owner, advanced pet stylist, mobile groomer, or veterinary technician.
Some advantages you get when you choose our program are:

  • Latest facilities and equipment
  • Practical, hands-on career training
  • Real-world experience from experienced instructors
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Job placement assistance after graduation
  • Career development seminars even after graduation.
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Our training operates in a real-life and professional setting with a state of the art equipment and educational materials. The spacious dog grooming salon provides comfortable surroundings for students to practice and perfect their techniques, clients to enjoy pampered and professional services, and for pets to receive the highest quality of care.

We have helped hundreds of students learn the necessary skills to work as professional pet groomers. With our support and guidance, you’ll be well on your way to a successful rewarding career in pet grooming. You can read more related content here in our article How to Become a Dog Groomer in Texas