Why Choose Us Over Petco Plano?

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Why choose us over everyone else?

Hound Therapy has been in Plano since 2019. During this time, we’ve managed to crowd our doors with many happy, lifelong clients. We’re posting this page because we want you to know why you should choose Hound Therapy over Petco Plano or any other dog groomer for that matter.

Disclaimer: We’re singling out Petco Plano because they’re a big box store and have great marketing resources to reach a lot of people HOWEVER, they aren’t the best. Not even close.

We just want to set the record straight and make a few points that people should know about dog groomers. Overall, Petco Plano doesn’t offer the same level of service as the smaller, higher-skilled groomers. We admit there are other grooming establishments that do a great job other than us – but not better than us!

If you care about your dog’s well-being and quality care and services more than saving a few bucks at a big box or chain store, then you’ll be interested in what we have to say.

There are so many good things we’re doing on a regular basis that we invite you to be a part of the Hound Therapy family!

Here are a few reasons why you won’t ever go anywhere else:

Comparison points you should know

Unlike box stores, chain stores, and other grooming establishments, we take the time to consult with you about pet’s grooming needs and pricing before any baths are given and any fur is cut. Although big box stores and others can sometimes have enticing entry pricing, they often do not include and will charge extra for nail trims, extra specialty shampoos, or extra de-tangling services to name a few. They offer lower level base prices but don’t include the extras your dog or cat should have and deserves when being properly groomed and cared for.

Nail grinding, anal expression, ear cleaning, including hair pulling out of ears if needed, fur detangling and brushing (Not De-matting, that requires more time so it’s extra), sanitary trims / shaving, and complete blowouts are included in our standard Bath, Brush, & Nails service here at Hound Therapy. We operate by AKC standards and have an old-school approach to maintaining and improving your dog’s health.

Experience is priceless

Experienced groomers are hard to come by. You don’t know who you’re getting when you go to a big box store (cough.. Petco Plano!)

At Hound Therapy, we are very well equipped to deal with handicapped and difficult dogs that most places will not accept. We know how to deal with aggressiveness, nervousness, anxiety and can figure out the way to make your dog feel comfortable – no matter what disposition they may have.

Grooming is personal

We know your dogs by name and are very familiar with all of our client’s needs and know them by name.

We have the personal touch and believe that we go the extra mile to make sure that you’re getting exactly what your pet needs not what our groomers can do. When your dog comes back to us, they will be excited – not terrified!

why choose hound therapy over Petco Plano

Our pricing is based on many things…

There are not many who will disclose their pricing breakdown, but we have the LOWEST prices when it comes to dog grooming in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. While we manage excellent value for your dollar, we also take into consideration:

Employee wages for experienced groomers

Supplies rent taxes etc.

The needs of our clients and your individual pets

In addition to rock-bottom pricing, we also believe in:

No hidden fees

Experienced staff

Offering online appointments

Maintaining an updated and current website

Experienced dog handling (doing dogs most box stores/chain stores turn away)

Having service-oriented people on staff

AKC cuts offered

Handicap and nervous dog willing and capable

Educational tutorial for clients and their pets if needed

Brush outs and blowouts included in the price

Nail grinding is always included

We maintain our turnaround times at approximately 4 hours.

All of our grooming equipment / utensils are disinfected daily with hospital-level disinfectants

We are honest with clients and will always give notice about any changes in grooming plans. For example, if your pup is matted, we will let you know if we have to shave them or de-matt them, de-matting can come with a de-matt fee depending on the matting but will be a set price.

We train and produce highly-skilled dog groomers

We do offer a Grooming School here as well so there is a possibility that there could be grooming offered at a discount depending on student participation and advancement. Keep in mind that even our basic lowest-end pricing includes a clean-up, face, feet, sanitary, etc. This is not included in big box or chain stores.

Groomer cuts wool yorkshire terrier with scissors beautiful haircut

We’re thorough to the point of obsession

Again, where we’re different is that the school is a total of 1500 hours to complete one full year. Nearby schools that are only three months and 700 hours online schools offer a shorter course at your time and convenience, which is great, but it’s very difficult to get hands-on training in such a short amount of time.

The point being is we’re very thorough and cover every aspect of being a dog grooming professional. Our students walk away from this program with the skills and knowledge to start their very own grooming businesses with high-level grooming skills too!

Why choose Hound Therapy over the rest?

At the end of the day, you want your dog to be happy and healthy. When you can get the most of those two qualities at the lowest price, then why would you go anywhere else?!

Our commitment to excellence in the dog grooming industry is unparalleled with the skills and experience to back it up. If you live in Plano or the surrounding cities, you’ll eventually make it over to us and stay with us.

We’re that good.

Book an appointment online or call us and schedule your first consultation.

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