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“Best Dog Wash in Plano TX!”

When it comes to your dog, why not get them the best dog grooming Plano offers? We’ve made many lifetime customers from our incredibly stellar service. Come meet veteran Shannon Griffin, an award-winning ISCC champion expert who provides the highest quality of pet grooming Plano TX has ever seen!

A passion for animals goes a long way in the dog grooming business and it’s one thing we’re not in short supply of. If you’ve enjoyed watching Ceasar Milan at work (The Dog Whisperer) then you’re in for a treat when you come to Hound Therapy for dog grooming (or cat grooming for that matter). We know how to make your pet feel comfortable and at ease during the entire session.

Please note: We also offer doggy daycare and dog training services.

Full Dog Grooming Package

Pricing on full dog grooming includes an all-over haircut, de-tangling brush-out, massaging bath, nail clipping, ears cleaning and plucking, anal gland expression, basic cologne, and a bandana or bow.

**These are general estimates. Pricing is subject to change. See Schedule an appointment” and click the “Service drop-down menu to see specific prices and breakdowns

New prices for Full Dog Groom services:

Size Price
Small to Medium $75 – $85
Medium to Large $85 – $110
Extra Large to Giant $115+

Breed chart inside to help with sizing.

Deshed package
Size Price
All sizes $35
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Extras & À La Carte

Oatmeal, Furmanitor (De-Shed) Or Medicated Shampoo Treatments

Helps to remove impurities, exfoliate the skin, and rebuild the coat. Adds shine, gloss, and silkiness to your precious pet.

Size Price
Small (1-20 lbs) $15
Medium (21-40 lbs) $20
Large (41-70 lbs) $25
Giant (71+ lbs) $30

When you want the best dog grooming Plano TX offers, you come to Hound Therapy. We provide the most value for you and your dog with friendly service and highly skilled specialists. Our dog grooming packages have all the ingredients for an enjoyable experience for you and your furry friends.

Our range of services is suitable for all dog breeds and all sizes. Come see why all our clients are also life-long friends. It’s not just the show-quality haircuts but an incredible understanding of your dog that makes us the best dog groomers on this side of Texas.

Treat your dog to a spa day!

Want your dog to be pampered like royalty? Why not give your fur baby the best experience imaginable with our 5-star rated grooming service? Our highly trained staff have years of experience in making a trip to the groomers an experience that your dog will get excited about.

Remember that dog grooming isn’t just about the look of your dog, but about their health as well. We look for every possible way to make your dog a happier and healthier member of your family. You can count on us to spot any problems such as ear infections or skin sores from badly matted fur. This isn’t just our business, it’s our passion! You can count on us to give your dog the love and attention they deserve.

Ill, Aged, Or Disabled Pet? We work with special needs dogs!

Does your dog get super nervous? Are they aggressive when it comes to grooming? Do they need special care for a disability or old age? This is where we shine! Our team is fully trained and highly experienced in dealing with all different types of dogs. Special services are available for ill, aged, and disabled pets.

We know how to get your dog to relax for a way less stressful experience. There’s no situation we’re not familiar with when it comes to dogs who require special needs. Rest easy knowing your fur baby is in good hands with a team that cares.

**Any prescribed shampoos must be accompanied by written instructions from your veterinarian. Please call and ask for more information.

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Cat Grooming

*Our feline friends are groomed during the week only. No cat grooming on weekends currently, contact us for more information if you have any questions.*
Size Price
Full Service Grooming $130+
Bath and Brush $110+

Pet Grooming Services Include

clean dogs face with blueberry facial

Blueberry Facial

Gentle formula made of oatmeal and blueberry. Helps to remove stains on the face without irritating eyes or sensitive skin. Also helps with odor.

ultimate canine pedicure treatment


Clipping and filing nails, shaving pads, rounding feet, and application of moisturizing paw pad treatment

heal canine paws from dry paws

Paw Pad Mosturizer

Moisturizing balm soothes and restores cracked and weathered paw pads and calluses on elbows.

paint canine nails

Paint Nails

Add a POP of color to your pet’s groom! Nails can be painted on short-hair breeds and dogs with “Clean Feet” (shaved toes)

canine teeth cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Fight plaque and tartar buildup. We use an enzymatic tooth paste and breath-freshening spray.

clip nails on canine for nail trimming services

Clip Nails

Walk in and wait while we clip your pet’s nails. Keep their paws comfy with short nails and short quicks!

shave hair around privates

Sanitary Shave

Ask our groomer to shave your baby’s potty areas and say goodbye to waste getting stuck to their fur!

trim hair around face

Face Trim

Does you fur baby have some hair hanging over the eyes? Walk in and wait while we neaten up your pet’s face between grooms!

flea bath to kill fleas

Flea Bath

Notice a flea on your pet? Let us know when you make your reservation, and we’ll get rid of those unwelcome guests!



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