How To Dry A Golden Retriever

One thing you may not know about Golden Retrievers is that they are water dogs. This means that they love to swim and play in the water. However, it also means that they have a lot of furs, which can take forever to dry. If you’ve ever tried to towel dry your Golden Retriever after a swim, you know what we’re talking about. It can feel like it takes forever and they always seem to end up wetter than when they started. Here are several ways how to dry your golden retriever much quicker and easier.

how to dry a golden retiever

How to blow dry your Golden Retriever

Blow drying your Golden Retriever is the quickest and most efficient way to dry them off. It will take some time to get them used to the blow dryer, but once they do, it will be a breeze! 

  • Use a low setting on the blow dryer and hold it about 12 inches away from their fur. 
  • Start by blowing the fur on their back and then work your way down to their legs and belly. 
  • Be sure to keep the blow dryer moving so you don’t overheat their skin.

Use a dryer with high velocity

When it becomes clear that drying your golden retriever will be regular, it may be wise to invest in a high-speed dryer (what we use while we’re grooming your dog). Hair dryers with high velocity are not the same as conventional hair dryers. 

Instead of using heat to remove water from your dog’s coat, they use the sheer power of air movement to do so. What’s fantastic about this is that you won’t have to worry about your dog suffering from the heat of the hair dryer. 

However, you should be aware that some dogs are still afraid of the noise that these dryers make. To remedy this, you can try using a quieting attachment or training your dog to get used to the sound.

how to blow dry a golden retriever

Try using a microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are excellent at soaking up water, which makes them ideal for drying your golden retriever. Start by wrapping the towel around your dog and then gently rubbing their fur to soak up the water. 

You may need to use a few towels to get them completely dry, but it will be worth it! Once their fur is no longer wet, you can use a brush to remove any tangles or knots.

Use a quick-drying spray.

There are many quick-drying sprays on the market that can help to speed up the drying process. These sprays work by evaporating the water from your dog’s fur, which leaves them feeling dry and refreshed in no time! Be sure to read the instructions before using any quick-drying spray, as some of them should not be used on dogs with sensitive skin.

Tips for blow-drying your Golden Retriever

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when blow-drying your Golden Retriever:

  • Start by towel drying your dog off as much as possible. The less wet their fur is, the quicker the blow drying process will be.
  • If you want to help keep your Golden Retriever’s fur soft and healthy, you can try using a leave-in conditioner. Apply the conditioner to their fur before you start blow-drying. This will help to protect their fur from the heat of the blow dryer and will also add some extra moisture.
  • If your dog has a long coat, you may want to invest in a wire brush. This will help to detangle their fur and make blow-drying easier.
  • Try to avoid using the highest setting on your blow dryer. The heat can be too much for your dog’s fur and skin.
  • If your dog is afraid of the blow dryer, try using a treat to help them get used to it. Hold the treat close to the blow dryer and let them sniff it. Once they seem comfortable, start turning on the blow dryer on a low setting. Give them the treat and praise them when they don’t seem scared. Slowly increase the setting as they get more used to it.
  • Make sure you keep the blow dryer moving. You don’t want to overheat any one area of their fur.
  • Once you’re done blow-drying, consider using a brush to help style their fur. This will help to keep their coat looking nice and tidy.

learn to dry a golden retriever at home

A home with a Golden Retriever is a home with endless amounts of love, laughter, and happiness. They are one of the most popular dog breeds for a reason! Not only are they adorable, but they are also intelligent, loyal, and friendly.

Trying all of the ways how to dry a golden retriever will give you a sense of what works best not just for you but also for your pooch! Best of luck!