Doodle Grooming Styles & Tips

Teddy bear doodle cut

Are you looking for doodle grooming styles or the newest tips and tricks on how to make your doodle look better than ever before? Then this is where you should be. This article has a bunch of inspiring ideas that you would need to get started with grooming your pup and getting the best look to match your tastes. Have fun and let us know if you have any additions to make and we’ll post them right here.

Different options for grooming Doodles

There are many different grooming styles that you can choose from when it comes to your doodle. In this article, we will list the different types of groomers and what you should know about each.

The Teddy Bear Look

This style is very similar to the puppy dog look except there are no shaved points. Your pup will be left with a soft, fluffy coat of fur all over his body so he’ll look like a teddy bear which is why it’s called the puppy cut or teddy bear look.

Teddy Bear Doodle cut

This style can be hard for some people to do at home and could take quite a while to get the desired effect. It’s recommended that you either take your dog to get groomed to get an even and professional style. Of course, practice makes perfect. If you’re ok with sacrificing your dogs ego with a few less experienced attempts you can get it right with enough attempts.

The Poodle Look

This look is best for those who want to give their dog a more traditional style. This style features an even shave on most of the body. The ears are trimmed but generally left longer than anywhere else and shaped neatly.

Poodle look on a doodle

Once the majority of the hair is shaved, it’s time to use a pair of thinning shears to make it an even cut. This style will give your pup a distinguished look and they can proudly trot around with a look that everyone recoginzes.

A lot of people choose this style because it doesn’t require much effort at all to maintain. It’s definitely an ideal style for those who enjoy a clean and regal looking pootch.

Lion Look

This is a very unique look because it’s known for mimicking the look of a lion. To achieve this style, you must shave down your pup completely except his head, chest, and tail. You can leave some hair on the paws as well for some shaping. These parts should remain untouched when shaving your pup.

the lion haircut is best left to professional Doodle groomers

Once your dog is completely shaved in every other part, you then need to shape the chest, head, tail, and paws using scissors. This look can be really hard to do at home since it does require some skill. Be very careful when doing so because if you do a really good job your dog might be inclined to take up roaring at passers by. 

The Puppy Cut

This is one of many doodle grooming styles that are best for those who want to give their dog a soft and fluffy coat of fur. To achieve this style, you must first shave or trim your dog down with clippers and/or scissors. Once all the hair is trimmed neatly, it’s time to use a pair of thinning shears to evenly cut the hair.

The teddy bear cut is one of many Doodle grooming styles

This look is favore by those DIY’ers who just want to keep their wiggle butt looking fresh and fluffy. If you opt for professional pet grooming services it’s a style that super fast and easy to do.

The Doodle Lamb Look

The Doodle Lamb cut is identified easily with the longer hair on the body and especially on the legs. Scissoring techniques are used to blend the hair from the body with the legs.

A doodle grooming style featuring the lamb cut

Big Paws (Custom)

This is a randomly selected cut we found on Instagram. There are no rules when it comes to doodle grooming styles so be creative and have fun. It’s our general opinion that this cut resembles an actual person. If not, well there’s a few people we know with that mustache!

Big Paw custom Doodle grooming style

This particular style is all about shaving everything on your pup except the paws and leaving a bit of a mustache. The rest of the fur is shaved down leaving just enough hair to showcase those puppy dog eyes that everyone loves. This is a short and easy style that anyone can do themselves with a little motivation and perhaps a human model for inspiration!

Tips On How To Groom A Doodle

If you decide to shave your Doodle down, it’s important to follow these tips:

i. Grooming the Face

The first thing you want to do before shaving your Doodle is to begin on the face. You must shave down your pup’s muzzle so that they have a slimmer, more tapered look. You also have to shave the areas around his mouth and mouth as well as near their eyes because these are typically where you’ll find mats.

ii. Dealing With Matted Hair

If your Doodle has any mats, you’ll have to carefully shave around them so that you don’t cut your pup. If the mat is small, I would recommend using detachable clippers with a blade attachment to trim out the fur around it before shaving it down completely because there’s a high chance of cutting your pup if you try shaving it down while it’s still on him.

iii. Grooming the Legs

When shaving your Doodle’s legs, you should start at his feet and work your way up to his thighs to get rid of any mats that are there. You must shave upwards when doing this so that you don’t cut your pup while shaving the fur down.

iv. Shaving Down the Back and Belly of a Male Doodle

When shaving your male Doodle’s back and belly, you must shave downwards so that you don’t cut him while shaving his fur down. You should also shave against the grain for this area to get rid of any mats that are in this area.

v. Grooming the Paws

You must shape your Doodle’s feet when shaving him down so that he has a distinct look to them. You can achieve this by using long strokes when trimming around his paws which will give him more defined paw pads instead of rounded ones.

When To Groom Your Puppy And How Frequently Thereafter

If you decide to groom your Doodle yourself, you must wait until his coat has grown out long enough so that it’s easier for you to shave him down. You should also get an undercoat rake which will help get rid of any loose fur when shaving him down which will make the process smoother and more efficient in helping remove his undercoat.

You must shave your Doodle every month if his undercoat doesn’t shed and every 3 months if his undercoat does shed. You should always wait until the fall time to do this so that you don’t cut him while shaving down his fur which can cause discomfort and pain for your pup.

Precautions You Should Take When Grooming Your Doodle

i. Getting Professional Help

As I mentioned earlier in the article, you should always consider taking your dog to a professional groomer if you are inexperienced in shaving dogs. This is important if you want to achieve the right look for your pup. It’s also important that you don’t take any shortcuts if you decide to do this at home because it’s all too easy for you to unintentionally cut your pup and cause him pain and discomfort which is never a good thing.

ii. Brushing Out Loose Hair

You should always brush out any loose hair before shaving your Doodle down because this will make the process much smoother and more efficient. It’s also important that you blow out any hair in his ears when shaving him down which can be done using a rubber ear hair blower while making sure that your Doodle feels comfortable with this.

iii. Doing A Thorough De-Matting

You must do a thorough de-matting before shaving your Doodle down which can be done using a de-matting rake and can take anywhere from 10 minutes to up to an hour which isn’t that bad considering the overall process.

iv. Using The Right Tools and Equipment

You must use the right tools and equipment when grooming your Doodle at home such as a slicker brush, undercoat rake, and ear hair blower. It’s also important that you use dog clippers with blades that are specifically made for dogs to get the best results when shaving down your Doodle.

v. Groom Your Dog In A Calm Environment 

You should always groom your Doodle in a calm environment where he feels comfortable with you which is important because if he doesn’t feel that way then the entire process will not go as smoothly and easily.

vi. Combing Out Your Doodle’s Coat First

Before you start shaving your Doodle down, comb out his coat first so that any mats and tangles can be taken out which will help make the process smoother and more efficient.

At the end of the day, you must take these precautions into account when grooming your Doodle at home. There are lots of resources out there that can help you with how to groom your Doodle. It is recommended to do some research before getting started so that you know all about what you’re doing beforehand.